Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Website Spotlight: Cuban Missile Crisis

Disclosure: This blog post is my first in what I hope will be a regular series. Just to keep myself from worrying that this post is not yet good enough to post, I am going with it as it is now.

I require all my students to bring their laptop each day to class. The overall material pertinent to the Cuban Missile Crisis is contained in the Cold War module on our wiki. We profitably used the following excellent websites:

1. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Go to the page on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Then click on the Interactive Microsite.

2. National Security Archive at George Washington University. The portion containing the surveillance photos was particularly exciting for our class.

3. American Experience Presidents series: John F. Kennedy, section devoted to primary sources. Go to "Letters" to view correspondence between JFK and the Soviet leader.

Final musings: Ideally I should flesh out this material more fully, but I hope this initial post at least gets me out of the blocks.

See Website Review of the National Security Archive:

National Security Archive

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