Monday, October 24, 2011

Website Spotlight: A Day in the Life of Thomas Jefferson

Procedural Note: In each section below, there will be little black boxes to click on for other neat items: Dig Deeper, At-Home Activity, Fun Fact, Personality Profile, Design and Decor, and Modern Monticello.

Here are the sections:

A. I Rise with the Sun

Jefferson's alcove bed
Morning preparations
Mechanical inventions

B. Drudging at the Writing Table

A modern office
    Jefferson's copying machine
A full and genuine journal
Stepping away from the table

C. Our Breakfast Table

Fresh from the oven
Seated around the table
Jefferson the grandfather

D. To Labour For Another

Mulberry Row
Humming with Activity
Jefferson and Slavery

E. Attending To My Farm

Touring the farm on horseback (be sure to read this section)

F. the Entrance to the House

Arts and politics (be sure to read this section)

G. Dinner is Served

Dined at the Presidents
Half-Virginian, half-French style
Vines and wines
Vegetables...constitute my principal diet

H. When the Flowers were in Bloom

(Read the parts that interest you)

I. A Delightful Recreation

Music and games
Little circle of readers
A room for celebration

J. Sanctum Sanctorum

Reading (don't miss this section)

K. All My Wishes Monticello

"I wish most to be remembered" (read this part for sure)

Website Spotlight: Benjamin Franklin

Website URL:

Chapter One: Character Matters (1706-1723)

a. A Voracious Reader
b. Silence Dogood

Chapter Two: B. Franklin, Printer (1723-1748)

a. Way to Wealth
b. At Home in Philadelphia

Chapter Three: Civic Visions (1731-1751)

a. Improving the Self and Community

"As a lifelong learner, Franklin taught himself to read French, German, Italian, and Spanish, on top of the Latin he learned as a child."

b. Protecting the Citizens

Chapter Four: Useful Knowledge (1747-1785)

a. A Society of "Ingenious Men"
b. Shipboard Amusements [see "Swimming by Kite"]
c. Electrical Fire

Chapter Five: World Stage (1744-1787)

a. Forging Unification
[Albany Congress!!]
[Glass Armonica]
b. Declaring Independence
c. Forming Alliances
d. Mastering Diplomacy
e. Creating a Constitution

Chapter Six: Seeing Franklin (1787-Today)
His unfinished Autobiography

Friday, October 21, 2011

Website Spotlight: Colonial Williamsburg

Website URL:

Here is the short version of the exciting material on this website:

A. Meet the People
African Americans

B. See the Places:

Bruton Parish Church


Raleigh Tavern

C. Experience the Life:

Manners—Go to the George Washington portion of this section

Religion: Pay particular attention to this section, with its subcategories

D. Clothing:


Women's Clothing

Men's Clothing: read particularly the one about "wigs"

Here is the longer version of what can be done on the Colonial Williamsburg

Let's look at what is here.

Go to Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Resources
Go to History & Education:
History, Teachers, Publications, Research

1. Select "History"

A. Meet the People

African Americans
Colonial Children
The Geddys: A Family of Tradesmen
The Randolphs: A Family of Influence
People of Williamsburg: Biographies
George Washington
Martha Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Patrick Henry
George Wythe

See the Slideshows listed at the bottom of the Meet the People web page

B. See the Places:

Check out these ones particularly:
Bruton Parish Church
Governor's Palace
Public Gaol
Public Hospital
Raleigh Tavern
Wren Building
George Wythe House

C. Experience the Life:
Each one of these categories has several submenus:

African American Experience

Religion: Pay particular attention to this section, with its subcategories

Religion in Early Virginia
Religion and Revolution
Definition of Terms
Statute for Religious Freedom
Lesson Plan: "Acrimony in Bruton Parish Church"

D. Clothing:
Several of these articles will interest you

E. Gardens

F. Fifes and Drums
Costume History

G. Conferences, Forums, and Workshops

H. Animals

I. Tour the Town

J. Send an E-Postcard

Kudos and website reviews:

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

Best of History Web Sites:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Website Spotlight: Spy Letters of the American Revolution

Website URL:

Major categories are on the left sidebar:

1. Letters

Scan through this Gallery to see which ones interest you.

2. Stories

a. Concentrate on the section "The Infamous Benedict Arnold"

Read each of the articles, particularly the one entitled "Selling West Point"

b. Under "Women Spies," click on "Miss Jenny"

Read the article

3. Methods

Read each of the six items

4. People

Read the bio on Benedict Arnold

5. Routes (skip this section)

6. Timeline (this section is well done)

~~Kudos and Website reviews:

Spy Letters of the American Revolution

Spy Letters of the American Revolution

Best of History Web Sites:

~~On my Learning Professor wiki, this website fits within the following U.S. History survey course module:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Website Spotlight: Boston Massacre

Website URL:

Introductory Note:

Welcome to one in a series of posts which spotlight quality websites that I use with my U.S. History survey course students at Azusa Pacific University to enrich the regular material in our learning modules.

In this post, I limit myself to those specific aspects of the website which I find fit particularly well within our face-to-face class sessions (each student is required to bring a laptop to class) or as the basis for the students' regularly-assigned written reactions.


I ask the students to work through the following links:

Overview essay by Douglas Linder: "The Boston Massacre Trials: An Account"

Key Figures

Two Private Hughs: Hugh White and Hugh Montgomery
John Adams
Crispus Attucks
Acting Governor Thomas Hutchinson
Captain Thomas Preston
Samuel Adams
John Hancock

Soldiers' Trial Account

Summation of John Adams for the Defense

Paul Revere's Engraving of the Massacre

Diary entry of John Adams concerning his involvement in the trial

~~For reviews of this website:

History Matters (The U.S. Survey Course on the Web) (National History Education Clearinghouse)


Concluding Note:

I hope you will use this blog post in conjunction with both the modules on my Learning Professor wiki and the numerous other posts in my Website Spotlight series.

1. The website spotlighted in this post fits within the following U.S. History survey course module on the wiki:

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