Monday, October 24, 2011

Website Spotlight: A Day in the Life of Thomas Jefferson

Procedural Note: In each section below, there will be little black boxes to click on for other neat items: Dig Deeper, At-Home Activity, Fun Fact, Personality Profile, Design and Decor, and Modern Monticello.

Here are the sections:

A. I Rise with the Sun

Jefferson's alcove bed
Morning preparations
Mechanical inventions

B. Drudging at the Writing Table

A modern office
    Jefferson's copying machine
A full and genuine journal
Stepping away from the table

C. Our Breakfast Table

Fresh from the oven
Seated around the table
Jefferson the grandfather

D. To Labour For Another

Mulberry Row
Humming with Activity
Jefferson and Slavery

E. Attending To My Farm

Touring the farm on horseback (be sure to read this section)

F. the Entrance to the House

Arts and politics (be sure to read this section)

G. Dinner is Served

Dined at the Presidents
Half-Virginian, half-French style
Vines and wines
Vegetables...constitute my principal diet

H. When the Flowers were in Bloom

(Read the parts that interest you)

I. A Delightful Recreation

Music and games
Little circle of readers
A room for celebration

J. Sanctum Sanctorum

Reading (don't miss this section)

K. All My Wishes Monticello

"I wish most to be remembered" (read this part for sure)

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