Monday, October 24, 2011

Website Spotlight: Benjamin Franklin

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Chapter One: Character Matters (1706-1723)

a. A Voracious Reader
b. Silence Dogood

Chapter Two: B. Franklin, Printer (1723-1748)

a. Way to Wealth
b. At Home in Philadelphia

Chapter Three: Civic Visions (1731-1751)

a. Improving the Self and Community

"As a lifelong learner, Franklin taught himself to read French, German, Italian, and Spanish, on top of the Latin he learned as a child."

b. Protecting the Citizens

Chapter Four: Useful Knowledge (1747-1785)

a. A Society of "Ingenious Men"
b. Shipboard Amusements [see "Swimming by Kite"]
c. Electrical Fire

Chapter Five: World Stage (1744-1787)

a. Forging Unification
[Albany Congress!!]
[Glass Armonica]
b. Declaring Independence
c. Forming Alliances
d. Mastering Diplomacy
e. Creating a Constitution

Chapter Six: Seeing Franklin (1787-Today)
His unfinished Autobiography

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