Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Website Spotlight: Captive Passage

Website URL: http://www.marinersmuseum.org/sites/micro/captivepassage/index.html

Introductory Note:

Welcome to one in a series of posts which spotlight quality websites that I use with my U.S. History survey course students at Azusa Pacific University to enrich the regular material in our learning modules.

In this post, I limit myself to those specific aspects of the website which I find fit particularly well within our face-to-face class sessions (each student is required to bring a laptop to class) or as the basis for the students' regularly-assigned written reactions.


Captive Passage: The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Making of the Americas
Mariners Museum (Newport News, Virginia)

I ask the students to work through the following links within the 6 major sections of the website:

I. Introduction

Click on the subtopics at the top of the screen:

Introduction of Slavery
Origins of Race-based Slavery

II. Departure

Click on the subtopics at the top of the screen:

Departure from Africa
West Africa before Slaving
Contact Between Europeans and Africans
The Enslavement of Africans
Resistance and Endurance

III. Middle Passage

Click on the subtopics at the top of the screen:

Sailing and Storms
Illness and Death
Ships and Crews
Enduring the Middle Passage

IV. Arrival: Life in the Americas

Click on the subtopics at the top of the screen:

Preference for Africans
The Slave Markets
European Rewards
Slave Populations
The Ships Return to Europe
The Economics of Slave Labor
Sugar Introduction     
Slavery in North America   
Religion: African Worldview
V. Abolition

Click on the subtopics at the top of the screen:

Outlawing the Trade: Fighting Illegal Slave Trading
A Growing Hunger for Freedom  
The Struggle for Emancipation: Africans Becoming Americans

VI. Legacy: Building New Nations

Click on the subtopics at the top of the screen:

Africa's Gifts
The Black Church


Concluding Note:

I hope you will use this blog post in conjunction with both the modules on my Learning Professor wiki and the numerous other posts in my Website Spotlight series.

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