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Website Spotlight: World War II (BBC)

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Introductory Note:

Welcome to one in a series of posts which spotlight quality websites that I use with my U.S. History survey course students (I also use this particular website extensively in an upper-division course covering World War II) at Azusa Pacific University to enrich the regular material in our learning modules.

In this post, I limit myself to those specific aspects of the website which I find fit particularly well within our face-to-face class sessions (each student is required to bring a laptop to class) or as the basis for the students' regularly-assigned written reactions.


I ask the students to work through the following links:

I. World War Two: Key Events

II. The Gathering Storm

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

Japan's Quest for Empire 1931-1945

III. Blitzkrieg: Germany's 'Lighting War'


The Fall of France


Animated Map: The Fall of France (Dunkirk)

IV. Britain Stands Alone

Winston Churchill: Defender of Democracy

The Battle of Britain (audio and video clips from BBC)

Battle of Britain (text)

The Battle of the Atlantic

The Battle of the Atlantic Game

The Blitz

V. The Allies in Retreat

Hitler and 'Lebensraum' in the East

Hitler's Invasion of Russia in World War Two

The Dieppe Raid (1)

The Dieppe Raid (2)

Colonies, Colonials and World War Two

Rommel in the Desert

VI. The Tide of War Turns

World War Two: The Battle of El Alamein

Animated Map: The Battle of El Alamein

The Battle of Midway

Partisans: War in the Balkans 1941-1945

VII. The Axis in Retreat

Animated Map: The Italian Campaign

World War Two: The Battle of Monte Cassino

VIII. Special Section: D-Day and Operation Overlord

D-Day: Beachhead

Animated Map: The D-Day Landings

Operation Overlord: D-Day to Paris

Animated Map: Operation Overlord (On to Paris)

The Allies at War (With Each Other)

GI Joe: US Soldiers of World War Two

IX. Victory in Europe and Japan

The Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden)

Animated Map: The Battle of Arnhem

The Battle of the Bulge

The Battle for Berlin in World War Two

World War Two: How the Allies Won

V-weapons Attack Britain

X. Post-war Reconstruction and Retribution

Why Churchill Lost in 1945

XI. Special Section: The Secret War

Breaking Germany's Enigma Code

Double Cross - MI5 in World War Two (Double Agents)

British Special Operations Executive (SOE): Tools and Gadgets Gallery

Training SOE Saboteurs in World War Two

SOE Quiz: Destination D-Day (Game to See If You Can Make It as a Secret Agent)

Concluding Note:

I hope you will use this blog post in conjunction with both the modules on my Learning Professor wiki and the numerous other posts in my Website Spotlight series.

1. The website spotlighted in this post fits within the following U.S. History survey course module on the wiki:

2. The other blog posts in my Website Spotlight series--chronologically displayed by U.S. History survey course module-- can be found on this wiki page: 

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